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Mahatria's Life Transforming Quotes

`🔴🔴🔴 MIND   LIFE   LUCK   GROWTH   TRUST   PROGRESS   GOSSIP     PROBLEM & CHALLENGE There is a world of difference between a PROBLEM & a CHALLENGE . If I am confronted by a lion in the middle of a jungle & I m unarmed, then I have a problem. But, if a machine gun is with me, then it is the lion that has a problem. So, when a situation I confront is greater than the resources I have , then it can be termed a problem. However, if the resources I have are greater than the situation I am faced with, then it is just a challenge. The human predicament is that we overestimate our problems & underestimate our ability to trounce them. LOVE Love is love only when it creates. PEACE The more external masters you have, the less peaceful you are. RENEWED ENERGY You have toi step back in order to step forward, and in it you will feel RENEWED ENERGY! DIVINATION It is when things are not going right that you need to be in the right frame of mind.