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Mahatria's Life Transforming Quotes

`🔴🔴🔴 MIND   LIFE   LUCK   GROWTH   TRUST   PROGRESS   GOSSIP     PROBLEM & CHALLENGE There is a world of difference between a PROBLEM & a CHALLENGE . If I am confronted by a lion in the middle of a jungle & I m unarmed, then I have a problem. But, if a machine gun is with me, then it is the lion that has a problem. So, when a situation I confront is greater than the resources I have , then it can be termed a problem. However, if the resources I have are greater than the situation I am faced with, then it is just a challenge. The human predicament is that we overestimate our problems & underestimate our ability to trounce them. LOVE Love is love only when it creates. PEACE The more external masters you have, the less peaceful you are. RENEWED ENERGY You have toi step back in order to step forward, and in it you will feel RENEWED ENERGY! DIVINATION It is when things are not going right that you need to be in the right frame of mind. 
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Is blockchain a technology or an algorithm?

After a phenomenal growth of bitcoin in 2017, all of sudden everyone in the cyber world has started talking about crypto-currency and the technology behind it - Blockchain . I am sure you too must be flowing through this new fanfare. So here I would be trying to explain this platform in just 11 mins . What is Blockchain? Blockchain is an ever-growing list of transactions , called Blocks which are always linked to their previous Blocks and are secured by cryptography hash. This Blockchain will be stored on distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) network nodes. If you are familiar with BitTorrent, you can easily understand this P2P communication. Each block has three things: data, its own hash and hash to previous block Data can be regarded as a ledger. Hash can be compared with fingerprint, which is a unique identification of the block. It is generated based on the content and even a single character change will make it different. Hash to previous Block: this creates a link

Mastering Hadoop: Book Review

I came across a book Mastering Hadoop published by Packt and authored by Sandeep Karath. Here is my detail review about the book- SUMMARY This book is based on most popular massive parallel programming (MPP) framework " Hadoop " and its eco-system. This is an intermediate level book where author goes in depth on not only the principle subject but also on most of the supporting eco-systems like hive, pig, stream, etc. The book has 374 pages with 12 chapters, the ToC  itself is spanned across 7 pages! It has conceptual as well as hands on lab experiences with lot of code churned into. OPINION The book starts with genealogy of Hadoop where the author has nicely narrated the evolution of web search to current state and then various releases of Hadoop. Good reasoning as why Hadoop 2.0 was essential to move ahead from previous version. Touches the architecture starting from high level 3-layered, drilling down step by step to cluster and node level. Describes all the feat