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Mahatria's Life Transforming Quotes



Experiences are neither favorable nor unfavorable
Each experience prepares you for the next challenge

A genuine smile...
takes birth in the heart,
radiates through the eyes...
and blossoms on the lips;

Know from the beginning that the end is always beautiful.

Am i transcended?
Disciple asked the master, "How will I know if I have transcended?" The master replied, "You will know you have transcended, when you no more feel like asking this question!"

Delays & Denials
Gods delays are not God's denials

Better awaited
When Good is denied, Better is waiting for me.

There is a world of difference between a PROBLEM & a CHALLENGE. If I am confronted by a lion in the middle of a jungle & I m unarmed, then I have a problem.
But, if a machine gun is with me, then it is the lion that has a problem.

So, when a situation I confront is greater than the resources I have, then it can be termed a problem. However, if the resources I have are greater than the situation I am faced with, then it is just a challenge.

The human predicament is that we overestimate our problems & underestimate our ability to trounce them.

Love is love only when it creates.

The more external masters you have,
the less peaceful you are.

You have toi step back in order to step forward, and in it you will feel RENEWED ENERGY!

It is when things are not going right that you need to be in the right frame of mind. 

The most uncivilized activity of the civilized world is GOSSIPING.
Gossip is ruthless entertainment.
Hypocrites are those who sweet-talk on the face and bad-mouth behind your back. Millions of lives can be saved from the brink of suicide if only gossipers choose to be of moral support to the emotionally hurt, rather than making news out of them

Use it or lose it
Unused money devalues
Unused talent diminishes
Unused potential decays.
Unused machinery disintegrates
Unused time dies
Unused knowledge becomes a burden.

DECISIONS not acted upon in 48 hours will never get executed!

PROGRESS = Decisions backed by immediate action

Y G B - You Got to Believe
Life shrinks or expands 
to the size of your beliefs  
like rain fills
the size of the vessels
Believe in yourself
Believe your future.
Believe your potential.
Believe your vision.

Believe, you deserve

A Good Communicator Must Know
What to speak
How to speak
When to speak
& most importantly
When to stop

What is the problem?

Fear of Fear is Panic - is a problem

Worried about being worried is depression - is a problem

Being unhappy about your unhappiness becomes Sad - is a problem

Being Stressed about stress is Agitation - is a problem 


You will believe in yourself only when
you will love to learn yourself


Where to where - is the story of the past. 
From here, where? - is the story of the future
No matter how far you go in life, always ask yourself aspirational questions. 
Where to? 
What next?
What else?
What more?


There is no partial pregnancy.
Similarly, there is no partial trust.
There is no 90% or 99%.
Either you trust or you don't.


Winning creates bonding,
Loosing creates blaming
So set up a winnable game


  1. Responsibilities that can't be delegated are DUTIES.
  2. We accumulate the highest NEGATIVE KARMA BY NOT DOING OUR DUTY.
3 ways to shape your thoughts

  1. Reduce the quantity of your thoughts
  2. Improve the quality of your thoughts
  3. Provide the right direction to your thoughts

When you over analyse others, you start thinking like others. So beware, what and who occupies your mind
LUCK is the meeting point of all opportunities that pass by me and my alertness to grab them

Fear of Fear is called Panic
When I get emotional about being emotional is called hysteria
When I get disturbed because I am getting disturbed, I become incapacitated.
Excellence can not be a choice.
It has to become your nature.
Either leave a mark or don't do it.
Live... to look up to yourself

People follow followers

Good communication has three attributes.
1) What to say - content.
2) How to say - emotions.
3) When to say - timing.

Improve your capability
Increase your capacity
That's progress
Prayer is a communication with existence
Meditation is a communion with existence
Reputation & Character
From the beginning, reputation has been put above character in most of your minds. Character is 'Who you are' and reputation is 'What the world thinks of you'.
More than your desire for a good name, it's the fear of earning a bad name that drives most of your lives!!!


Today's Success & Today's Failures are just another steps in the long journey of life.

By going after the big things in life without compromising on the small things in life, man can find the otherwise elusive integration of success and happiness!!!

Emotional maturity is not about avoiding emotions, but it is about avoiding the emotional drama. Anyways what has to be done, has to be done. Then why the drama? 

Dream is the gap between where you are and where you can be.

With a clear vision for tomorrow, I will find strength and power in today.

Life is an eternal journey. Certainly, one chapter at a time, one question at a time. Jesus Christ in His entire life touched about 300 lives. But it has grown into one of the largest revolutions. Go as far as you can see and go with this faith which alone guarantees peace in you; when I reach there, He will show me further!!!

Genius is in knowing what to hold on to
and when to let it go

Let problems come from anywhere. I will find solutions for it every time.
Instead of expecting circumstances to be customized, customizing my approach to circumstances is Situational Leadership.
To get the best of what's there is Situational Leadership.
Qualifications can give you a head start in your career but the leader who leads by the philosophy
that there are no 'no solution' situations is the leader of the future!!! 
Discipline enables you to be the Master of your time & then do what is important before it becomes urgent

There are no suppositions in FAITH
There are no negotiations in SURRENDER

Success isn't what we achieve compared to others, but what we achieve compared to what we are capable of.
To move at a snail's pace is success to the snail but not to the rabbit; the inability to move at a rabbit's pace isn't a snail's failure. The heartache is that we will not do what we are capable of
Collective hurt is the seed of a revolution. The key is to channelize the hurt into performance. Success is the greatest moral revenge. The attempt to justify failure is an invitation to more failures. Justifications of failure are like applying pain balm that may relieve the pain but can never remove the scars. "When a winner loses, he always comes back to be a better winner!!!
Beliefs you hold in the beginning of the journey defines the journey

Out of gratitude, love is born.
Out of love, devotion is born.
Out of devotion, surrender is born.
Out of surrender, faith is born.
And in faith, miracles happen...

The power of non-doing
enables you to inherit
the higher vibrations.
And with higher vibrations
all things are possible
A wish released
from the seat of silence
becomes a command
to the universe

The truths i resist
are the battles I fight
In aligning the truth,
the fight ceases... the flow begins
The unquestionable truth
And it is in my existential aloneness

It is easier to develop competency in an honest person
than to develop honesty in a competent person.

Go There
Go there as far as you can see
When you go there, He will show you further

Man's thoughts, feelings
& even the being are purified
when He connects with the divine

Results are mere punctuations in life... the journey is life.


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