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Hacknight by hasgeek, at Pune

This was my first ever experience of the hacknight! It was indeed a memorable night, and a note of thanks to @hasgeek team for an amazing well organized event, having good food, beverages and shelter! ...little goofing up of address venue direction is forgiven!! I must thank Mahesh as well for pushing a family guy to geek's hacknight. :) The event happened on 14 July 2012 from 02:00 PM to 15 July 2012 10:00 AM, at AmiWorks, Pune. The place is not very difficult to locate. thanks to Zainab. It was a penthouse with all minimum facilities in place. I reached there around 13:45 hours, and following true Indian Standard Time I made it 15 minutes earlier. A few hackers had already arrived and some had already started hacking the ideas! I got my self registered, pay'd the registration and fees. And then we started socializing around. During discussion, I was planning to join the group of Navin or Piyush but later found that both of them came just to kick start the event. But