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Applying for Indian Passport, some tips (non-technology)

Recently I happened to visit passport office, Pune to to renew my passport and to my surprise it got rejected. I said "to my surprise" because while filling up the application form, my wife has done enough homework and ensured couple of times that there is no mistake in it. But then the officer who was scrutinizing the application form rejected in few minutes by saying that I should not have written my parents name in full. Rather it should be just like "last_name first_name" as was in my current passport. But if this is the case, then why its written in the application form "write FULL name"? During my whole experience, I am putting down few tips which would be useful esp. for Pune based people: Make sure you take online appointment from  While filling the application form, if its renewal, make sure you carry EXACTLY same information to the application form as is on your "to be expired" passport. This is very importa