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Giveaway contest! Win a copy of "Pentaho for Big Data Analytics" book (CLOSED)

I am very excited to launch a giveaway contest for the book Pentaho for Big Data Analytics.
To enter the contest, simply visit the book page once and leave your comments at the bottom of this blog. To ensure you get a copy of Pentaho for Big Data Analytics, consider purchasing it on Amazon.
  • One entry per e-mail address.
  • Contest will run from 2/27/14 through 3/9/14
  • Two lucky winners will be selected on or around 3/11/14
  • Open to all residents.

The book will help you achieving following objectives:

  • Get to grips with the Pentaho suite
  • Explore the basics of Big Data and its business context
  • Set up a Pentaho business analytics server
  • Consume Big Data on HDFS platform using Pentaho Data Integration
  • Create visualization with Pentaho's tools
  • Distinguish signal from noise with Pentaho's Data Analytics capabilities
  • Design and set up your own Pentaho dashboard
  • Move from data to analytics in just a few steps with Community Dashboard Framework (CDF)
And the winners are A diary and Pramod Gajre! Congratulations to you both and thanks for others to participate.


  1. I have formally reviewed "Pentaho For Big Data Analytics".Its a great book to read again and again and get well versed with Pentaho and also Hadoop ecosystem.Its step by step approach right from chapter 1 right to Appendix makes us feel comfortable and we learn a lot.Enjoy reading this book.Thanks to Manoj and Feris for making this a great read.

  2. Checking the Amazon preview. Looks like book contains quite practical stuff.
    Would certainly like to try hands.I hope some use cases, areas to implement are explained too.
    I see couple of examples.. U.S. airline on-time performance etc.
    Good luck guys.

  3. This is a great effort and very useful for all levels of professional. Its step by step approach from beginning to the end carries the users and gives an opportunity to learn a lot. Especially, makes user to correlate to the scenarios....

  4. Big Bang Topic of the software world now !! looking at Contents am exited to read this book. Practical Approach would help in real manner.

  5. Great work done here by the author! Can be used as one of the dictionaries for data analytics! Hope to see more books on various other topics as well by the same authors!

  6. A very well presented book indeed especially I like the way the objectives are carved out brilliantly which will help budding big data professionals to understand the concept with real life big data business problem examples .Definitely worth a buy

  7. A good book to keep it as a reference. The book represents systematic step by step approach and at same time very user friendly to readers. A great deal to have this book in the book rack......!!!!!!

  8. I would like to suggest this useful book since it shows step by step approach and complete solution for big data analytics and data integration. Highly recommended reading .

  9. Pantaho looks good. Definitely i will like to learn and work on it. I wish i would be the lucky winner of this contest.

  10. Just what the doctor ordered. Great initiative in writing this book and best wishes for many more. This is just the beginning!

  11. Perfect book from perfect Person....Great initiative !!

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